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Oceania spirit, 40 years of passion

Welcome to Oceania Hotels!

Selecting one of our Group hotels guarantees modern comfort, spotless cleanliness and quality facilities that are constantly being improved thanks to our ambitious programme of refurbishments. As we are a hotel group on a human-scale, our teams' priority is to give you a warm and professional welcome.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Gurvan Branellec, Group President, Oceania Hotels

A few key dates… 40 years in the hotel business

1975 Breton entrepreneur Francois Branellec creates the company Sofibra. At the end of the 1980s, Sofibra begins to develop the « Mascotte » and « Oceania » brands.

1990 Sofibra launches the economical hotel concept with the « B&B » chain.

1999 Gurvan Branellec, le fils de François, rejoint le Groupe familial en tant que Directeur Général.

2003 Sofibra sells the « B&B » brand, which at that time had 180 units. Gurvan Branellec is appointed as President and breathes new life into the Oceania brand, working in close collaboration with his father.

2005 Sofibra begins an ambitious programme to renovate its hotels.

2006 After 30 years in existence, a new era begins for Sofibra as it becomes « Oceania Hotels », strengthening its image as a modern and dynamic Group, faithful to its values, and creates its range of 3 hotel brands: Escale Oceania, Oceania and Oceania Style.

2012 Armonisation of the range thanks to the 3-star classification of the Escale Oceania hotels and the 4-star classification of the Oceania hotels, addition of a 17th destination with the Oceania Le Métropole**** Montpellier hotel.

2014 The Holiday Check Awards reward the Oceania Porte de Versailles**** Paris hotel, the only French establishment in the « Top du Top » category, with a recommendation rate of 97.9%. It's the year of opening of the new Oceania**** Paris Roissy CDG hotel : 150 rooms, swimming pool, relaxation area, and a garden of almost 492m2 situated close to terminal 2G of Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport.

2015 The group celebrates its 40th birthday!

We’re more than a hotel group, we have values, an identity, people

We’re more than a hotel group, we have values, an identity, people

Shared values

The Oceania Hotels combines a personalised and responsive service with a constant desire to develop innovative establishments. From Brest to Marseilles via Paris, you'll always find the same energy and warm welcome at all our establishments, where our teams are ready to listen and ensure your well-being. Welcome, commitment, helpfulness and expertise are just some of the values cherished by the Oceania Hotels family and its 600 employees!

Our established identity

Led by the Branellec family for 40 years, we are proud of our Breton origins. By deciding to manage all of our operations from our head office in the heart of Brest, our family business confirms its commitment to its native region of Brittany.