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Oceania spirit, our brands

26 three and four star hotels in France

Fulfilling your needs

Unlike standard hotels, Oceania Hotels provides a variety of establishments with their own unique facilities and characters, to meet your various needs. We have undertaken an ambitious refurbishment programme, working closely with architects and interior designers, to transpose our values of well-being, proximity, professionalism and cleanliness into the design of every room in our different hotel ranges. Providing a contrast of lighting, transparencies, luxurious contemporary materials and splashes of colour in a minimalist setting. Functional design to create spaces that are pleasant to live in.

Each refurbishment is also a chance to differentiate our hotels and to provide a personal touch, something that's far from the norm. Discover: the exotic garden of the Oceania**** Paris, the bioethanol fireplace at the Escale Oceania*** Pornichet La Baule, the indoor fountain at the Escale Oceania*** Aix-en-Provence or the 3,000 litre aquarium at the Oceania**** Clermont-Ferrand.

Oceania Hotels has two brands to respond to the diversity of your expectations and desires:

Service first let yourself live - 4-star hotels Our Oceania hotels open new horizons for you in a contemporary style, with large spaces, tailored design and comfortable luxury facilities. You're somewhere else.



Balanced budget service: simple well-being - 3-star hotels Staying at an Escale Oceania hotel guarantees that you’ll relax in a peaceful environment at a reasonable price. Comfortable rooms, a friendly atmosphere, easy access... Already feeling good?

Nomad Hotels, new Oceania Hotels Group's brand

The Nomad concept meets nowadays Nomad(s) needs by proposing a place to live where everything is flexible according to your lifestyle.